5 Tips For Experienced Intermittent Fasters

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I’m so excited to write this article! I spend a great deal of time surfing the net and I don’t find too many in your face tips for experienced fasters. Sometimes you need some tough love to make it through this IF journey. Listed below you will find 5 tips for experienced fasters. Warning, sometimes the truth hurts. It’s ok I still love you.

1. You have been fasting for three months now. Your goal is to lose weight. Yes, you lost weight the first three weeks. You were so excited and motivated but now the scale is moving in the wrong direction. You are gaining weight. Be honest with yourself why have you gained weight? This happened to me. Heck the problem was simple I was eating too much. I would be so excited when my window opened I would eat everything in sight. I would be miserably full but would somehow rationalize that it was ok to eat so much because I was eating in my window. Wrong! You have to stop eating when you are full not when the plate is empty.

2.  Still hungry? Stop looking at IG and FB pictures of food. You know the post I’m speaking of with all the delicious food porn. IF is such a mental game. Don’t let food porn lead you astray.

3. Are you having trouble sleeping? Are you Keto or LCHF or whatever label you want to put on your WOE? Eat some bread. Eat some carbs. If you can’t sleep you will feel lousy, you won’t lose weight and you won’t heal your body. There are good carbs that you can eat. Try some real artisan sourdough bread it is good for you gut microbiome. Eat some berries, they are full of fiber and antioxidants. I’m not against LCHF but it’s not sustainable for everyone.

4. Mix it up! Keep your body guessing. Have you been doing 16:8 7 days a week for 3 months. A lot of experienced fasters do 16:8 or OMAD and throw in a few extended fast (EF) for 24 hours or longer. This is not mandatory but I feel it helps heal and reduce inflammation in your body. I’m not a doctor and I am not giving any medical advice but when my arthritic shoulder starts to ache I do an EF and my pain is gone. In my opinion, it can also get you back to appetite correction if you have fallen off the wagon.

5. Oh wow when you started fasting you had so much energy and mental clarity. Now 6 months in you are tired and dragging. You probably have a vitamin and or mineral deficiency. Add Celtic and pink Himalayan salt to your diet. Sprinkle these good salts on your food or add them to your water a few times a day. Liquid trace minerals are also a good supplement to take. Pickle juice works well to get in your electrolytes. You are no longer eating all day so you need to add supplements to your diet.

Yes, the truth hurts but if you are an experienced faster these tips will help. Check out my tips for beginning fasters posted on this site as well. IF is a sustainable WOE and sometimes we need tips to keep us going.

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  • Zachary Grant

    I guess I could consider myself somewhat experienced after doing this for almost a year. I must say initially I didn’t take it seriously but once I really understood the principles, it is and does work. I have lost 14 lbs and maintained for 5 months. With regular cardio, and strength training my blood pressure has been excellent and weight is less than it has been since 1989. I have seen significant milestones in the gym also. I do suffer from hypertension but consistent readings I can only attribute to the intermittent fasting.

    • Yolanda Moore

      Thanks so much for sharing! It’s been my pleasure working with you and I’m proud of your accomplishments.

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